This Code of Ethics and Company Regulations are standard guidelines and regulations that apply to all direct selling business actors of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA (hereinafter referred to as Members) in running their business.

Upon registered as the Direct Selling business actors by JLC, the Member agrees to be bound by and subject to this Code of Ethics and this regulations is binding the Member with the Company (JLC). This Code of Ethics and Rules is the only provision and is valid until Member's membership ends.


  1. PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia domiciled in Surabaya.
  2. Member is an individual independent member registered in the JLC marketing or sales network who has received approval from the Company to become a Member through an invitation from a sponsor.
  3. JLC members are not employees / staff of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA. All employees of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA are prohibited from registering as JLC Members.
  4. Sponsor is a MEMBER who introduces the JLC business to prospective MEMBERS who then officially becomes a JLC MEMBER.
  5. Membership network or team group are all MEMBER who run the JLC business and in the respective MEMBER group.
  6. Consumers are members of product users and end buyers of JLC products for their own purposes.
  7. Up line is the "boss" of MEMBER or the ones above them in hierarchy.
  8. Down line is MEMBER below the Up Line and so on down.
  9. Commission is a reward given by the Company to a Member, the amount of which is calculated based on actual work results, according to the volume or value of the sale of goods and/or services, either personally or by network.
  10. Bonus is an additional reward given by the company to the Member, for successfully exceeding the sales target of goods and/or services set by the company.
  11. PV/VC (Bonus Value), is a bonus unit calculated based on the Bonus Value.
  12. Marketing Plan is a marketing program created by the Company to regulate the calculation of commissions, and to obtain bonuses or other benefits in accordance with the requirements to be achieved by Members in marketing products and or developing networks.
  13. Heir is a person who inherits the business of a Member if he passes away or a cause of illness is based on a doctor's decision which causes the Member to not be able to run his business at JLC.
  14. Code of Ethics means that this rule is a binding set of rules and guidelines for MEMBER in running JLC business since the MEMBER is officially registered as a member of JLC.
  15. Products are goods that are officially provided by the Company for the Member's own use or for sale to consumers using the Direct Selling system.



  1. Membership registration can be done by any adult who is at least 18 years old, has a citizenship identification, and/or is married.
  2. Each prospective JLC Member must fill in and complete the JLC registration form correctly and validly. Each JLC Member is responsible for the correctness of his/her data content. PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA will be released from responsibility if the contents of the registration are incorrect.
  3. Registration can be done by filling in and completing the registration form, which can be accessed online via the website/application, which needs to be completed with:
    1. ID number
    2. Full name according to ID
    3. Gender & date of birth
    4. Phone number & email address
    5. Address according to ID
    6. Personal tax ID number
    7. Personal bank account data
  4. Prospective Members can register as a JLC Member for free, and will receive:
    1. User ID and Password to access JLC’s Member Area.
    2. Download access to marketing tools in the form of an E-Starter Kit (containing a Company Profile, Marketing Plan, Product Brochure and Code of Conduct)
  5. The company only acknowledges the address of the JLC Member as stated on the Registration Form, unless there is a change of address authorized by the Company.
  6. Every prospective JLC Member who registers must have a bank account as stated in JLC registration form. For security reasons, all commissions and bonuses will be transferred via bank accounts and cannot be collected in cash at the office. PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA is not responsible for errors in filling in data and bank account numbers by Members.
  7. All payments/transactions of prospective JLC Members to JLC are declared valid if made by transfer to JLC’s designated account (on behalf of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA), or direct payment with proof of payment receipt validated by the officer of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA. Payments that do not meet the above conditions are invalid and JLC is not responsible if any loss occurs as a result of the transaction.
  8. JLC members are not branches, agents, employees, affiliates or groups in the joint venture of the legal entity PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA, but act as independent individuals or Independent Members.

  1. Regulations regarding the membership of a couple (husband and wife) will be regulated in a separate Article in this Code of Ethics.
  2. Membership is valid for 1 (one) year and can be renewed annually for free by making personal purchases of at least 1 (one) product before the membership period ends.
  3. In the event that the Member concerned does not make any spersonal purchase for 1 (one) year, the Member is considered not to have extended his membership and can re-register as a new Member at a later date.

  1. Changes to membership data information can be made by contacting the Head Office of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA in customer service, via email or correspondence.
  2. Transfer of membership identity or exchange of membership from one network to another is not allowed for any reason, unless it is inherited because the Member passes away.
  3. If an unclear membership identity is found, or there is multiple membership that could harm other parties, the company has the right to deactivate the last registered membership number and automatically lose all rights as a member of the JLC.
  4. If there is a report with authentic proof that a JLC Member, either with his or her own name or by another name has tried to rejoin another network group or crossed the line without the approval of all uplines and sponsors, the company will deactivate the membership number without compensation.

  1. The membership of husband and wife is considered separate and must be in the same sponsorship line. If violated, then the latest membership number will be deleted by the company without exception and without any compensation from the company.
  2. If in the future there are two JLC Members from different networks who decide to get married, then their membership will remain in a separate and independent network.
  3. If in the future JLC members who are married decided to divorce, then PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA will continue to maintain the membership according to the application that was signed at the beginning until a court decision states otherwise.



  1. JLC members are entitled to correct explanations in terms of information about the Company, Products, JLC Marketing Plan, and promotions held by the Company.
  2. JLC members are entitled to the same opportunity to excel in selling products and earn commissions according to the established Marketing Plan.
  3. JLC members are entitled to earn money, commissions, bonuses, cashback, and bonus rewards from JLC business based on references and calculations in JLC Marketing Plan which are still valid based on work results and as long as the members meet the requirements.
  4. JLC members are entitled to quality products in accordance with the benefits and prices paid to the Company.
  5. JLC members are entitled to participate in all activities, company training, and promotions in accordance with Company regulations.

  1. Follow and comply with all procedures, regulations and Code of Conduct established by PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA.
  2. Always maintain the good name of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA and not harm others.
  3. Be polite, respect, respect and uphold honesty as well as integrity as a JLC Member.
  4. Each JLC Member is required to maintain the confidentiality of his/her own login data, namely username and password. The company is not responsible for the negligence that occurs in the membership of the Member.


  1. JLC members are prohibited from giving misleading statements or over-claims to the public, and / or information that is contrary to policies or official literature from PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA.
  2. JLC members are prohibited from selling by coercion or other means that can cause disturbance to other parties, both physically and psychologically.
  3. JLC members are prohibited from persuading other prospective members or consumers to buy or hoard products that exceed their needs.
  4. JLC members are prohibited from using the PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA network for marketing products from other Direct Selling (direct selling or multi level marketing) businesses.
  5. JLC members are prohibited from changing the product packaging or changing the quantity or content of the official product package that has been determined by PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA, because this action can be damaging and detrimental.
  6. JLC members are prohibited from reducing or adding to the compensation program outside of those stipulated by PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA. If a JLC Member wants to create his own program with the aim of increasing sales or his network, then he / she is not allowed to use the logo / words of JLC or its affiliates in the program.
  7. JLC members are prohibited from selling or distributing products that are no longer fit for use or unfit for consumption.
  8. JLC members are prohibited from selling products below the price that has been officially set by PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA. If there is a violation and there is a report with sufficient and authentic evidence, the company has the right to provide a warning letter to terminate his/her membership, and without any compensation.
  9. JLC members are prohibited from using the writings, symbols and trademarks of JLC and its affiliates for brochures or other selling aids for something that is incorrect or inappropriate.
  10. JLC members are prohibited from acting for and on behalf of the company, representing the company, engaging in legal binding with other parties or representing as if they are part of the structure or employees of the company.
  11. JLC members are prohibited from claiming themselves or their networks as if they dominate or have monopoly on certain business areas in this business.
  12. JLC members are prohibited from introducing or sponsoring the staff/employees of PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA, including their parents and close relatives of the staff/employees. If violated, the company will remove the membership that they has sponsored. The company also has the right to terminate membership of the Member who conduct the violations.
  13. JLC members are prohibited from selling JLC products through retail stores or at fixed retail locations, and E-commerce sites or Market Places such as Shopee, Lazada, Matahari Mall, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, OLX, Qool0, Supermarkets, and other similar businesses, especially by giving discounts or cutting prices.


  1. Membership period of a person in JLC is declared canceled or ends if:
    1. The member concerned does not make an extension of membership as in Chapter II Part B number 2.
    2. The member concerned cancels by resigning first by submitting a written application to the JLC.
    3. Membership is terminated because it is proven to have violated the Code of Ethics determined by the JLC.
    4. Membership is terminated because of a decision or order from the Court.
    5. Terminated due to changes in legislation in force in INDONESIA.
  2. JLC members who have canceled their membership, will then release all forms of linkages from their entire old network, including all commissions and bonuses as well as point accumulation if any, and no compensation whatsoever will be replaced by the Company as of the date of termination.
  3. A member or Member whose membership has been canceled, can register again after 90 (ninety) days, unless the person concerned is involved in a serious violation.
  4. A serious violation referred to in the point above is if it is involved in a serious criminal case such as murder, corruption, fraud, or terrorism, etc. in a suspected or legal status.
  5. The company does not tolerate Network Hijacking of another member whose membership is still valid, if a member re-registers his membership using another upline, either because of his own will or because of being influenced by others, the new membership will be canceled along with all his rights. will be forfeited on the new membership.


  1. For Satisfaction Guarantee, JLC members have the right to exchange products that have been purchased within 7 (seven) days if it turns out that the quality of the product delivered does not match what was claimed or promised in writing by the Company (according to the official brochure/catalog of the Company). Exchange can be made by attaching an Official Sales Note. The company will exchange the same product, and all shipping costs are borne by the Member.
  2. If it is proven that JLC products that have been used or utilized in accordance with the provisions cause physical harm to the Member, the Company will provide compensation for such losses accordingly. Compensation does not apply if the losses incurred are the result of negligence of the Member or the result of using products that are not in accordance with the provisions.


  1. JLC members can only inherit their inherent rights as a member to their legal heirs if the Member passes away.
  2. Legal heirs are determined by the Member himself or based on the Law of Inheritance in the applicable law, andor through a court order. The company has no right to determine the heirs of the Member concerned.
  3. The legal heirs who will replace the heir Member membership must comply with the procedures established by the company, among others:
    1. Attach a will or death certificate
    2. Attach a statement and other heirs if any, containing membership inheritance approval which is attached with a minimum stamp duty of Rp. 10,000 (ten thousand rupiah).
    3. Fill out a new registration form on behalf of the heirs and submit it to the Company.
  4. If there is a dispute by another party regarding this inheritance, PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA will follow the final decision of the court. During the dispute settlement process, membership will be temporarily suspended until a permanent legal decision is made and the commission and bonuses will be temporarily withheld, and will be given at a later date to the legal heirs according to the court.



  1. The company has the right to accept or reject the application to become a member submitted through the JLC Member registration form which is filled out by the prospective Member correctly and honestly.
  2. For the protection of its business, the Company has the right to take all actions in accordance with the law for violations committed by JLC Members in running their business who are deemed not to comply with the policies outlined by the Company.
  3. The company has the right to terminate membership or business cooperation with JLC Members with prior written notification.
  4. The company has the right to make changes and adjustments to the Marketing Plan, Promotion, and Code of Ethics and Company Regulations, with the approval of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, and disseminate it to all members no later than 30 (thirty) days before it comes into effect.

  1. The company is obliged to provide clear and correct information to JLC Members relating to its business, Marketing Plan, products and all matters related to its activities.
  2. The company is obliged to comply with the rules that refer to the applicable provisions in Indonesia in conducting its business and fostering JLC Members.
  3. The company is obliged to produce good, quality products and has a distribution license, as well as to provide sales aids necessary for JLC Members in running and developing their business.
  4. The company is obliged to provide training and coaching related to business development, conduct activities and other facilities in order to assist the business development of JLC Members.
  5. The company is obliged to guarantee commission / bonus / reward payment for the business carried out by JLC Members in accordance with what is stated in the current Marketing Plan.
  6. The company is obliged to provide the best possible service to JLC Members and maintain business conduciveness for the perpetrators.
  7. The company is obliged to impose progressive tax on the income earned by JLC Members in conducting its business in accordance with the provisions of the Taxation Law in force in Indonesia for the Direct Selling Industry.


  1. DETAILS OF COMMISSION AND BONUS, are payment for the results of the efforts of the Member and the Group Team according to the current JLC Marketing Plan. The types of commissions and bonuses are as follows:
    1. Plan A Bonuses
      1. Sponsor Commission
      2. Plan A Pair Commission
      3. Plan A Incoming and Overriding Commission
      4. Plan A Sharing Pool Bonus
    2. Plan B Bonuses
      1. Plan B Pairing RO Commission
      2. Plan B Matching RO Bonus
      3. Plan B Generation Unilevel RO Commission
      4. Plan B Sharing Pool Bonus
    3. Commission from selling to consumers
  2. Payment of commissions and bonuses will be made by transfer via the bank and will charge an administration fee of Rp. 10,000 per transfer or according to the respective bank policy. The types of commissions and bonuses have their respective time of transfer, with the exception of conditions that do not allow the practice or force majeure.
  3. Commission and bonus payments in Plan A are paid daily in accordance with the terms in the applicable JLC marketing plan. The calculations for today will be transferred to the next working day.
  4. Commission and bonus payments in Plan B are calculated on a monthly basis in accordance with the terms in the applicable JLC marketing plan. The calculations for this month will be transferred to the following month between the 5th to the 10th.
  5. If commission and bonus payments fall on a holiday, it will be paid on the following working day.


  1. Receipt of Commissions and Bonuses by Members is subject to tax following the applicable taxation provisions in Indonesia, where the commission and bonus or reward bonus received by every Member will be immediately deducted from income tax (PPh) in accordance with applicable tax regulations.
  2. Proof of Withholding Tax will be given to the MEMBER concerned.
  3. All tax obligations of a Member are borne by the responsibility of the Member concerned.


  1. Trainings provided by the Company are
    1. JLC Open Plan (JOP), is an event facilitated by the Company to introduce JLC business opportunities to the general public as well as to assist members who are not yet able to make independent presentations. This event is held regularly once a month in the first week of each month, free of charge, and is held at the Head Office. This training is open to all ranks.
    2. JLC Business Orientation (JBO), JLC Business Orientation (JBO), is a training for JLC Members who have just joined to explore product knowledge, marketing plans, how to sell, and how to run JLC business. This event is held regularly once a week every month, free of charge, and is held at the Head Office. This training is open to all ranks.
    3. JLC Leaders Meeting (JLM), JLC Leaders Meeting (JLM), is a special meeting for JLC Members who have reached a certain rank three times a year. This meeting is held annually and is free of charge for the achievers. This training is only for Members who have reached the rank of Chief Manager or above.
  2. Development programs provided by the Company are:
    1. JLC Champion Club (JCC), is a coaching program for beginners in JLC business. It is a full day coaching event held by the Company to prepare beginners to have the attitude of an entrepreneur and basic skills in selling products and sponsoring. The JCC will be held every two months and is free of charge. There are no qualification requirements for ranking to take part in this coaching.
    2. JLC STOCKIST MEETING (JSM), is a coaching program for all JLC Stockists in order to provide better service to all Members, as well as to give awards to outstanding Stockists. This Stockist Meeting is held once a year at the Head Office, free of charge. Participants are Stockist owners and admins only.


  1. If the Company receives a written report of JLC member commiting acts of violating this Code of Ethics or the law with sufficient evidence, the Company has the right to issue the first Warning Letter. If the member violates for the second time, the Company has the right to terminate/delete his/her membership.
  2. Violations that occur will be given a warning letter or may result in the Member being terminated, or a temporary suspension of commission and bonus payments during the investigation period.
  3. If based on the results of the investigation, the Member is proven to have violated the provisions as set out, the commission and bonus concerned will be paid and after that the membership is immediately canceled. Conversely, if he is not proven to have committed a violation, the commission and bonus concerned will be processed again and his membership will continue.


  1. JLC members are not allowed to persuade or hijack downlines or other Members from different sponsorship lines to join the sponsorship line. If this is proven to be violated, then:
    1. The username of the newly sponsored Member will be deleted.
    2. The sponsor who recruited the Member will be subject to sanctions ranging from the issue of Warning Letter to revocation and termination of the sponsor’s membership in accordance with this Code of Ethics.


  1. The general requirements to become a Stockist are as follows:
    1. A Stockist Applicant is a Member with a minimum qualification of Manager rank, who has an active turnover in his network group of Rp. 100,000,000 (one hundred million rupiah) or above every month.
    2. Willing to comply with the Company's Code of Conduct and stockist regulations from the company, and willing to be given a warning or sanction if they violate the rules.
    3. The JLC company can revoke the stockiest status if the stockist is inactive and/or does not meet the target set by the Company.
    4. Willing to provide services to all Members regardless of network.
    5. Ready to handle the complaints regarding products and services from all Members.
    6. Willing to be involved in the company’s official events in their regions.
  2. The amount of the initial deposit as a JLC Stockist is IDR 100,000,000 (one hundred million rupiah).
  3. Advantages of being a stockist:
    1. Provided with special coaching from the company in an annual stockist event. (all annual coaching with accommodation on company’s responsibility).
    2. Provided with supporting tools in the form of brochures, pamphlets, flyers, amd standard receipt forms from the company.
    3. Entitled to free shipping fee with a certain nominal of purchase.
    4. Entitled to operational fee of 3% of the product price every time the place an order with the company.
  4. Stockists’ obligations:
    1. JLC stockists are required to serve every order from individuals in their respective marketing areas without exception and make transactions through the JLC web system.
    2. Stockists are required to provide proof of transactions to Members who buy products, or who join as new Members.
    3. For individual orders that require courier services, JLC Stockists are required to add shipping costs, to make it fair and to avoid any sales below the Company's official price.
    4. The Minimum Repeat Order amount from a Stockist is IDR 50,000,000 (fifty million rupiah) in one order to get free shipping.


  1. PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA will not mediate any disputes arising from one or more individuals who contact the same prospective member (Prospect). If more than 1 (one) JLC Member claims to have sponsored the same person, the Company will only acknowledge that the membership application has first registered via online on the Central Web


  1. All disputes with the company will be settled amicably by prioritizing the principles of deliberation. However, if the dispute cannot be resolved properly, then the settlement will be carried out in accordance with the applicable law In the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. The legal settlement will be carried out at the District Court where PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA is located, namely the city of Surabaya.


This Code of Ethics and Company Regulations is made as a norm and agreement between PT JLC SUKSES INDONESIA and JLC Members whose membership have been officially accepted. Any changes in the Code of Ethics and Company Regulations will be notified to all Members no later than 30 (thirty) before being enforced with prior approval from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.