When Local and International Taste Meet in a Dish

Nyapii creatively presents beef se’i, traditional smoked meat dish from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, in a modern way by adding international tastes to the dish sauce selection, making the menu a fusion between local and global.

Beef se’i is considered a traditional meal with rich flavour. Nyapii wants to come up with a fresh concept that attracts mainly young generations, since their objective is to introduce beef se’i to young generations and make it one of their favourite dishes. We made the logo dynamic and playful by fitting in the typography of the brand’s name into the shape of a beef slice, giving people a clear idea of the brand’s product. The dynamic and playful character also appears in the supergraphic which consists of illustration describing youngsters’ activities as well as colour palette that reminds us of the richness of se’i spices, ultimately brings out the appetite of the customers.